Edtech wanted to build an all-in-one cloud learning management system where knowledge is shared in an accessible and interactive approach due to a sleek design and minimalistic layout.


Edtch by Uni Agency  

Underbee ✰ Diseño Web y Marketing Digital en Alicante

Desarrollo Web y Marketing Digital en Alicante.
Una experiencia digital atractiva para que los negocios conecten con las personas.


Branding Now

Future London Academy’s design team went meta and rebranded the Branding Now course — the ultimate Branding course for Senior Creatives.

Together with course curators Campbell and Robyn Butler — founders of Lovework Studio, ex-Wolff Olins and DesignStudio experts — they worked on making the identity more up-to-date, provocative and eye-catching.

During this collaboration, Campbell and Robyn, experts in creating identities that cut through the noise, shared how they kick off their projects, brainstorm ideas and refine the identities while art directing the project. The result of the collaboration reflects the results you can expect in the course — surprising, refreshing and bold.

The new identity takes an innovative turn and enters the third dimension.
Whereas our previous identity, based on principles of Swiss design, was very minimalist and built based on a block principle, the current identity is more spacious with an expressive style.

The main element of the identity is a complex 3D coral shape generated by the team with the help of MidJourney. The coral represents the brand’s ecosystem which consists of many different elements, layers and textures. From brand story to strategy and system to logo and identity, and finally to the launch — it’s diverse and complex.

By using AI-generated image as one of the main elements, the team wanted to reflect the new era in branding and spark a conversation on the role of AI in the projects and how it has changed the process forever.

The new identity gets an additional typeface — Space Grotesk. It’s paired with Future London Academy’s custom typeface — OnyFuture — adding quirkiness and complementing the spatial grids.

The result is something you might not quite expect for the branding course which adds to the beauty of it. The new style is definitely an attention-grabber which helps the course stand out.


Branding Now by Future London Academy  


Izhak web experience / Year in review 2023 / Wishes 2024


IZHAK OVERSIZE 2024 by Izhak  

Start My Design Agency

Get into business in arguably the fastest, easiest, and simplest way possible by acquiring this brand-new creative design agency today.
You don’t even need to be a designer.

It’s a venture where stability meets creativity, offering a business model that has demonstrated the potential for a significant recurring monthly income. There’s a tangible prospect for committed entrepreneurs to achieve revenues of $150,000 per month.

If you aspire to own a business, seek financial independence, a more harmonious work-life balance, and have the autonomy to choose your working hours and location, this opportunity might be the solution you’ve been seeking:

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8. Benefit from low operational costs with a monthly WebFlow hosting fee of just $29.
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10. Work from anywhere. All orders are fulfilled digitally.

Why buy from Startup Streams?
We help entrepreneurs who want to make money online by starting a new business in the easiest and fastest way possible, by selling pre-made businesses on a non-exclusive basis. Leverage our experience in successfully selling over 1,700 new businesses across multiple industries. Acquire this business within 12 hours, subject to the provision of necessary information for transfer. Receive support from our dedicated full-time professional team.


Start My Design Agency by Startup Streams Ltd.  

Chandan Kolaparthi
A Progressive Digital Designer Specialised in Product and Web

Explore the work of chandan, an interaction and visual design consultant passionate about creating memorable experiences at the intersection of product strategy, ux design and experimental visuals.



PlanetPrompt is a database where you can get free prompts or buy our premium ai codes from trusted engineers. You can also start a discussion in our community or get informed in our news blog.


PlanetPrompt by PlanetPrompt  


Forget plain and boring websites, only digital experiences built to tell your brand’s story.


MPIKO by Matteo Valentino  

Monardo am Hasenberg

The Mountain of Passion is all about culinary delights. Monardo am Hasenberg embodies passionate dedication and exquisite cuisine. On the mountain, you can expect true culinary delights and exceptional culinary experiences, which become even more unforgettable in a unique place like the Hasenberg.


Monardo am Hasenberg by sofresh  

Dafolle offers a unique, subscription-based design service tailored for startups and businesses.
It streamlines the design process with a quick 24-48 hour turnaround, unlimited revisions, and a fixed monthly fee. Specializing in branding, UI/UX, and app design, combines efficiency and affordability, ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective, expert design solutions. The site’s clean, crisp design effectively showcases its services and client successes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking professional design expertise.


Dafolle by Dafolle  

La Presqu’île de l’Imaginaire

La Presqu’île de l’Imaginaire is a multidisciplinary festival taking place in an incredible location, the Château de Duingt near Annecy in the French Alps.



CargoKite is a maritime hard tech company based in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 2022 with the mission of sustainable and at the same time economically viable commercial shipping.


CargoKite by Bear Plus