Zura Bank Webflow Template

Presenting the Zura Bank Webflow website template, thoughtfully designed to exude sophistication while delivering seamless functionality. This template is ideal for businesses in the financial sector looking for a sleek aesthetic and customizable features. Its modern interface and responsiveness across all devices ensure a superior user experience.


Zura Bank Webflow Template by Silv Studio  

Here We Are

Here We Are is a national storytelling campaign launched on June 1, 2024, joining an ongoing campaign to build a country where transgender people can be their authentic selves and express their identity openly and free from fear.


Here We Are by Granyon  

Grand Founders

Grand Founders is an economic development and national security foundation that makes impact investments and supports emerging entrepreneurs globally.


Grand Founders by  


Edtech wanted to build an all-in-one cloud learning management system where knowledge is shared in an accessible and interactive approach due to a sleek design and minimalistic layout.


Edtch by Uni Agency  

Branding Now

Future London Academy’s design team went meta and rebranded the Branding Now course — the ultimate Branding course for Senior Creatives.

Together with course curators Campbell and Robyn Butler — founders of Lovework Studio, ex-Wolff Olins and DesignStudio experts — they worked on making the identity more up-to-date, provocative and eye-catching.

During this collaboration, Campbell and Robyn, experts in creating identities that cut through the noise, shared how they kick off their projects, brainstorm ideas and refine the identities while art directing the project. The result of the collaboration reflects the results you can expect in the course — surprising, refreshing and bold.

The new identity takes an innovative turn and enters the third dimension.
Whereas our previous identity, based on principles of Swiss design, was very minimalist and built based on a block principle, the current identity is more spacious with an expressive style.

The main element of the identity is a complex 3D coral shape generated by the team with the help of MidJourney. The coral represents the brand’s ecosystem which consists of many different elements, layers and textures. From brand story to strategy and system to logo and identity, and finally to the launch — it’s diverse and complex.

By using AI-generated image as one of the main elements, the team wanted to reflect the new era in branding and spark a conversation on the role of AI in the projects and how it has changed the process forever.

The new identity gets an additional typeface — Space Grotesk. It’s paired with Future London Academy’s custom typeface — OnyFuture — adding quirkiness and complementing the spatial grids.

The result is something you might not quite expect for the branding course which adds to the beauty of it. The new style is definitely an attention-grabber which helps the course stand out.


Branding Now by Future London Academy  

Creative Legends

To celebrate industry legends and change-makers, Future London Academy created a website with a new series of live interviews — Creative Legends. Creative Legends is part of an ongoing interview series with the founders of the world’s biggest agencies like Maria Giudice (Hot Studio), John Maeda (Microsoft), Stuart Trevor (AllSaints) and many more. The guests share their inspiring stories and incredible leadership tips.

Typeface: OnyFuture
Credits: Future London Academy, Polina Kirei (Art Director) and Uliana Kovalenko (Designer)


Creative Legends by Future London Academy  


Exploring Prespa by No Matter  


Inomi by Itu Chaudhuri Design  

Web Development Resources

A collection of free web development resources.


Web Development Resources by Marko Denic  

Generation Church

New custom build website for Generation Church based in Phoenix, Arizona.


Generation Church by Historic Agency  

Angry Ventures

The AV7 is an immersive experience created through an uncomfortable journey. Explore a website unlike any other in cyberspace.


Angry Ventures by Angry Ventures