Design Leadership Webinar Series

To celebrate the Design Leaders Programme, Future London Academy hosted a series of Design Leadership Webinars with some of the world’s best Chief Creative Officers. We invited Webinar guests from R/GA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Atlassian, BCW Global, and Mejuri to talk about how they got to the Chief Creative Officer position, solving bigger problems and leading bigger teams.

Future London Academy’s design team created a bright playful identity for the series to showcase all of the amazing creative leaders and design leadership at large.

A design career, or in fact any career journey, may sometimes feel like a quest… or even a video game! You pass some challenges, you fail at others, you gain bonuses, and extra lives, at times you may have to start over again, and finally you can move on to the next level (where you go through the same cycle of challenges once again!).

With that metaphor in mind, Future London Academy’s team used the 90s video game aesthetic as the main inspirational source. Pixel graphics and recognisable game elements such as hearts, keys, and dollar signs became the central elements of the identity.

Even though leadership to some people may sound very serious, strict and grown-up, Future London Academy believes that it can be fun, inspiring, creative and unconventional. That’s why the identity is extremely colourful, juicy and bright.

We encourage you to explore the website to discover the wealth of knowledge and expertise it holds. Whether you are a seasoned design professional seeking to enhance your leadership skills or a budding creative looking to delve into the world of design, you will find valuable insights and inspiration through our webinars.


Design Leadership Webinar Series by Future London Academy  

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