Experience a paradigm shift in audience engagement and monetisation for content creators.


GIVELL by Pixelpo  

Swell Interactive

Swell, a digital agency, wanted to share its prowess in web development and outline creative skills in modeling, design, and development.


Swell Interactive by Uni Agency  

Branding Now

Future London Academy’s design team went meta and rebranded the Branding Now course — the ultimate Branding course for Senior Creatives.

Together with course curators Campbell and Robyn Butler — founders of Lovework Studio, ex-Wolff Olins and DesignStudio experts — they worked on making the identity more up-to-date, provocative and eye-catching.

During this collaboration, Campbell and Robyn, experts in creating identities that cut through the noise, shared how they kick off their projects, brainstorm ideas and refine the identities while art directing the project. The result of the collaboration reflects the results you can expect in the course — surprising, refreshing and bold.

The new identity takes an innovative turn and enters the third dimension.
Whereas our previous identity, based on principles of Swiss design, was very minimalist and built based on a block principle, the current identity is more spacious with an expressive style.

The main element of the identity is a complex 3D coral shape generated by the team with the help of MidJourney. The coral represents the brand’s ecosystem which consists of many different elements, layers and textures. From brand story to strategy and system to logo and identity, and finally to the launch — it’s diverse and complex.

By using AI-generated image as one of the main elements, the team wanted to reflect the new era in branding and spark a conversation on the role of AI in the projects and how it has changed the process forever.

The new identity gets an additional typeface — Space Grotesk. It’s paired with Future London Academy’s custom typeface — OnyFuture — adding quirkiness and complementing the spatial grids.

The result is something you might not quite expect for the branding course which adds to the beauty of it. The new style is definitely an attention-grabber which helps the course stand out.


Branding Now by Future London Academy  


A new generation of Hydrogen-Electric Energy & Power



Savic Motorcycles

Welcome to the future of high-performance electric motorcycles in Australia.


Savic Motorcycles by Future Perfect Digital  


OptimallyMe is a health tech platform that offers a comprehensive insight into understanding peoples’ bodies. This digital health cockpit provides access to blood tests, epigenetic DNA analysis, food intolerance evaluations, and a state-of-the-art skin analysis app. By utilizing the OptimallyMe platform, users can gain a deeper comprehension of their bodily functions and work towards enhancing their overall health.


OptimallyMe by Spaceberry Studio  

On Call Eye Care

With their team of experienced opticians, On Call Eye Care provides detailed, thorough, 5-star rated services that optimise your eye health and convenience. They understand the importance of trust and expertise when it comes to your vision. On Call Eye Care optometrists have a wealth of experience in the field, with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges that can arise with home visits.


On Call Eye Care by Bootcamp Media  


As an award-winning agency within the digital jungle, TRIONN® transcends aesthetics, crafting your vision into a legacy that endures. We roar with creativity, staying updated with the latest tech to make your brand a formidable force in the digital wilderness and deliver exceptional website and app experiences. Embracing the journey, we cater to every need, collaborating to pave the road for our diverse creative services to flourish in the business jungle. We are the roaring digital agency, boldly navigating the entire digital spectrum, from user research to branding, development, and evaluation.


TRIONN by Sunny Rathod  


Coach Travel Birmingham is one of the leading coach hire companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Their reputation as a premier minibus and coach company that Birmingham and West Midlands residents and businesses can depend on has been built over many years. Coach Travel Birmingham are dedicated to excellent customer service, making a conscious and deliberate effort to ensure that every aspect of our operations is run with customer satisfaction in mind.



Clio Websites

Clio Websites is a full-service website design and digital marketing company based in Calgary, Canada. Our company was established in 2007 and we have been helping clients grow ever since.


Clio Websites by Nat Miletic  

Design Leadership Webinar Series

To celebrate the Design Leaders Programme, Future London Academy hosted a series of Design Leadership Webinars with some of the world’s best Chief Creative Officers. We invited Webinar guests from R/GA, Saatchi & Saatchi, Atlassian, BCW Global, and Mejuri to talk about how they got to the Chief Creative Officer position, solving bigger problems and leading bigger teams.

Future London Academy’s design team created a bright playful identity for the series to showcase all of the amazing creative leaders and design leadership at large.

A design career, or in fact any career journey, may sometimes feel like a quest… or even a video game! You pass some challenges, you fail at others, you gain bonuses, and extra lives, at times you may have to start over again, and finally you can move on to the next level (where you go through the same cycle of challenges once again!).

With that metaphor in mind, Future London Academy’s team used the 90s video game aesthetic as the main inspirational source. Pixel graphics and recognisable game elements such as hearts, keys, and dollar signs became the central elements of the identity.

Even though leadership to some people may sound very serious, strict and grown-up, Future London Academy believes that it can be fun, inspiring, creative and unconventional. That’s why the identity is extremely colourful, juicy and bright.

We encourage you to explore the website to discover the wealth of knowledge and expertise it holds. Whether you are a seasoned design professional seeking to enhance your leadership skills or a budding creative looking to delve into the world of design, you will find valuable insights and inspiration through our webinars.


Design Leadership Webinar Series by Future London Academy  

Monseo Jewels – Online Store

Monseo is a brand born within a family company established in Porto in 1972, specialized in the creation and production of high jewellery pieces.
The brand has maintained a prominent position in Portuguese jewellery, through the exemplary work of the company throughout its history. Already in its third generation, Monseo has developed a consistent path that reflects the commitment to the concept of the brand and its products.

“We believe that jewellery is an art that conveys a mystery:” This was the motto associated with this large-scale project/online store and which guided us throughout the development.

So, in this online store, were implemented several payment methods, invoicing and stock management were integrated with the PHC software, DHL’s tracking system, order management, as well as voucher and discount management.


Monseo Jewels – Online Store by 4por4 - creative agency